1Password Mac 破解版 最强大的密码管理工具
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1Password可以说是mac上最优秀的 密码管理工具,其最优秀之处是强大的浏览器插件和跨平台同步功能, 1Password 在安全和方便间做了最好的平衡,能够自动生成复杂的密码并记忆,通过一个主 密码管理你的所有密码,支持Safari、Firefox、Chorme、Opera等浏览器,自动登陆网站,并且除了Mac平台,还支持ios平台,之间可通过iCloud同步,支持中文!
[ 1Password 在 Mac App Store上售价人民币418元]1Password 7.4.1 Mac 破解版 介绍
你经常忘记密码吗?1Password 可以记住你所有的密码并保障他们的安全。你只需要记住主密码即可。
拥有数以百万计的用户和粉丝。立即试用 1Password!
使用 1PASSWORD 来保护数据安全
我们每一天都会有新的密码需要记忆。如果每次都用新密码,则很容易忘记。如果每次都用一样的旧密码,安全系数则会大大降低。有了 1Password 就无需再为此烦恼。
  • 为不同的网站创建强且不重复的密码
  • 使用主密码来保障你的数据安全
  • 256 位 AES 认证加密技术防止数据篡改
  • 自动锁定功能让你的数据即使在 Mac 被偷或丢失的情况下亦安全
  • 使用安全审查来让密码更强
使用 1PASSWORD 提升工作效率
1Password 不仅可以帮你管理强且不重复的密码,更可以帮助你提升工作效率。
  • 使用你最爱的浏览器自动登录网站
  • 一键自动填充注册表格和信用卡信息
  • 使用 1Password 迷你随时都可快速访问你的数据
  • 使用“前往并填充”书签可打开网页并自动填充登录信息
  • 再亦不会因为忘记密码而浪费时间
你不仅可以使用 1Password 存储网站登录信息,更可以将它变成你的重要信息管理工具。
  • 存储信用卡、安全笔记、护照信息、银行账户以及其他更多
  • 轻松记录网站安全问题并生成安全答案
  • 安全存储文稿和图片
  • 再也不会将重要信息忘在家里
1Password 支持你的所有设备。让你可以随身携带重要信息。
  • 支持 iCloud 同步,安全且具备苹果式的简单
  • 支持 Dropbox,提供跨平台同步和共享
  • 使用自定义文件夹同步来通过你自己的安全网络同步所有电脑
你可以使用 1Password 的多保险库功能来整理你的数据并安全地与他人共享。多保险库功能让用户可以按自己的意愿来掌控共享的信息以及对象。
  • 与同事共享工作登录信息
  • 创建家庭保险库并与配偶共享
  • 向你的开发团队分发加密密钥
  • 与客户交换账户信息和文稿
  • 记录存储你的遗产规划
  • 将最常用的项目标为我的最爱
  • 使用文件夹和标签来整理你的数据
  • 强大的搜索功能和智能文件夹
  • 高级用户功能助你提升工作效率
  • 无订阅或其他费用
  • 已有超过十种语言的本地化
  • 世界一流的支持团队免费为您服务
What's New in 1PasswordVersion 7.4:New Features:
  • Support for Voice Control on macOS Catalina.
  • Opening 1Password while using Pocket Casts will show you your Pocket Cast logins. {#4241}
  • 1Password mini window snaps to the center of the screen when dragged near the center. {#2350}
  • 1Password mini window reattaches to the 1Password icon in the menu bar when dragged near to it. {#3696, #3594}
  • The pop-up menu shown when reviewing duplicate passwords is now sorted alphabetically. {#2766}
  • The sidebar will now remember if you last viewed the category list or the vault list on launch. {#4131}
  • You can now move nested tags up a level in the sidebar using the contextual menu on the nested tag. {#3844}
  • Removed support for manually reordering favorites which fixed a crash that was occurring when attempting to reorder favorites. {#4066}
  • You can now give administrators the ability to manage a vault when creating it.
  • The Migration Receipt items created when moving items to a 1Password.com account can no longer be moved or copied to other vaults.
  • Improved the experience of opening AgileKeychain files when no local vaults are present. {#2462, #3929}
  • When viewing Documents in 1Password mini you can now Quick Look, Open in Finder, and more. {#4263}
  • We removed support for re-ordering favorites, this also fixes a crash that was occurring when attempting to re-order favorites. {#4066}
  • Watchtower will now promote an existing secure URL rather than changing an unsecured URL and leaving the item with two identical secure URLs.
  • Updating the website address of an item to HTTPS will first look to see if secondary website addresses are HTTPS and use those if found.
  • The duplicate passwords pop-up menu now has its items sorted alphabetically. {#2766}
  • Restoring the app to specific states no longer crashes in certain situations.
  • Personal and Shared vault names are now localized. {#3901}
  • Improves vault creation, reducing false errors. {#4247}
  • Improved the filling experience when upgrading to 1Password 7. {#3984}
  • Improved the experience of opening AgileKeychain files when no local vaults are present. {apple-issues#2462, apple-issues#3929}
  • Improved handling of login when machine has OS keychain issues.
  • Two-Factor Authentication Watchtower will now only be checked on the primary URL. {#2767}
  • The one-time password notification is no longer incorrectly displayed after closing the scanner. {#4133}
  • The item list now updates immediately when dragging items to other vaults. {#3108}
  • Search results are now retained when minimizing 1Password to the Dock. {#4230}
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent the app from quitting when doing an update.
  • Improved QR Code generation for better compatibility between platforms. {#4299}
  • Fixes an issue that would prevent the extension search URL scheme from working while locked. {#3795}
  • Fixed positioning of the "Add This Account to 1Password" window when the 1Password status bar icon is hidden. {#3711}
  • Fixed BETA-ONLY support for Edge. {#4213}
  • Fixed an issue where the "Go" button in 1Password mini could become stale instead of updating to “AutoFill”. {#4256}
  • Fixed an issue where granting 1Password access to Screen Recording or Camera would not immediately take effect after relaunching. {#4190}
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password did not remove cached files after deleting an item. {#4224}
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent detecting duplicate items when one item was missing a URL label. {#3348}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Create Vault operation to errantly retry forever.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a failure to access subscription settings while locked. {#3224}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password to crash when performing a search and then expanding the search to all fields. {#4250}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password mini to no longer display for a particular Safari tab if you used the return/enter key to fill an item into a page with no fillable fields. {#4090}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password mini to forget the last selected item during multi-page logins. {#3732}
  • Fixed a potential crash that could happen if you lock while the auto-save database is being generated.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using 1Password mini. {#4114}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing in. {#4106}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when locking. {#4056}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when locking 1Password during an inertial scroll. {#4102}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when fetching items from the database. {#4111}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when dropping documents onto an item while editing the item's icon. {#4331}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when displaying sidebar tooltips on macOS 10.12 and 10.13. {#4092}
  • Fixed a crash that could happen if locking while receiving a shared item. {#4194}
  • Fixed an issue preventing the "Compromised Websites" Watchtower service from being enabled from the main window. {#4281}
Version 7.3.2:New
  • Network Administrators Can Now Tailor the Preferences That Dictate the "Start Automatically at Login" Behavior for 1Password. #4020}
  • It Is Now Possible to Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication for Your 1Password Account From the Preferences Window. #3862}
  • You Can Now Collapse and Expand Hierarchical Tags in the Sidebar. #596}
  • When Collapsed, the Sidebar Now Displays a Tooltip for Each Icon Present. #1047}
  • 1Password Account Credentials Stored in iCloud Keychain Will Now Sort Recently Used Accounts to the Top.
  • 1Password Is Now More Fault Tolerant When Reconnecting to the Safari App Extension After Periods of Inactivity.
  • The User Interface Will Now Refresh in a More Pleasing Manner While Importing Items From a .1pif File. #2622}
  • Improved the Stability of Custom Image Manipulation When Darkening a Selected Icon. #3857}
  • Fixed a Crash That Could Occur When Using Desktop App Integration. #4057}
  • Fixed an Issue Where the Sidebar Expansion State Was Not Remembered When Sleeping and Then Waking Your Computer. #3762}
  • Fixed an Issue That Would Cause the Empty Item List to Draw Incorrectly When Un-Minimizing the Main Window From the Dock. #3791}
  • Fixed an Issue Where Vault Descriptions Weren’t Saved Properly After Editing. #4022}
  • Fixed an Issue That Caused 1Password Mini to Always Display All Items if the Page in Safari Was Blank. #3908}
  • Fixed a Class of Crashes That Impacted Many Areas of 1Password. {3915, 3914, 3913, 3912, 3911, 3910, 3854, 3881}
  • Fixed an Issue Where 1Password Mini Wouldn't Show if You Tried to Use It While at about:blank in Safari. {3886}
  • Fixed an Issue That Could Cause 1Password to Prompt to Add a File Over and Over Again. #3765}
  • Fixed an Incorrect Layout for Document Items Resulting in Excessive Scrolling. #3868}
  • Fixed an Issue That Could Result in "Hide Search Options" Being Displayed in the Search Options Menu Upon Unlocking 1Password. #3926}
  • Fixed an Issue That Prevented Item Sharing in a Detached Window From Working Correctly.
  • Fixed an Issue Where Secondary Accounts Would Not Unlock After Taking the First Account Through Recovery. {3865}
  • Fixed the Behavior When Hitting the Tab Key to Switch Between the Label and Value Fields When Adding a New Field to an Item. #3695}
  • Fixed a Crash That Could Occur When Fetching Watchtower Updates. #3904}
  • Fixed a Crash That Could Occur When Detaching an Empty Detail View. #3840}
  • User Consent Has Been Reset for the Have I Been Pwned Service With an Updated Security Warning.
Version 7.3:New:
  • 1Password mini is here with an all new design focused on making it as easy as possible to get your information out of 1Password and into the places where you need it
  • 1Password mini now displays suggestions based on the contents of the web page you're viewing
  • Updated to the latest and greatest filling brain
  • Introduced the ability to select all vaults belonging to a single account
  • You can now drag and drop two-factor authentication codes from the item detail
  • The 1Password menu now has an "Unlock with Touch ID" option if Touch ID is available
  • The onepassword:// URL Scheme now supports viewing and editing items. You can also specify the vault UUID for these commands
  • Items can now be bulk restored from the trash via the context menu
  • Open and Fill now works if 1Password is set to "Open in Current Tab" and Safari 12.1 is set to "Empty Page" for new windows and tabs
  • Improved performance when setting up from iCloud or Dropbox
  • The document preview in 1Password mini now allows you to drag and drop files from the preview
  • The troubleshooting utility can now be opened from the help menu if installed
  • "Check For Updates" can now be disabled by Mobile Device Management profiles
  • You can now open the 1Password Preferences window from the 1Password mini gear button or by right clicking on the menubar icon
  • When scanning a new two-factor authentication QR code, 1Password now puts the generated code on the clipboard for you to paste into the site requesting it
  • ⌘+N can be used in 1Password mini to enter New Password mode
  • ⌘+S can be used in 1Password mini to manually save a Login from the current webpage
  • Improved the sign-in process when your Secret Key has changed
  • When using the keyboard shortcut to show 1Password mini, it is now anchored to the menu bar by default
  • You can open the Categories menu in 1Password mini using the ⌘+⇩︎ shortcut
  • Updated the descriptions of Watchtower used throughout 1Password
  • 1Password mini now displays when a browser extension isn't connected
  • The Watchtower two-factor authentication banner now allows you to indicate you've set up two-factor authentication elsewhere
  • 1Password mini to will now Quick Fill a login item even when there are password items with the same URL
  • Improved the display of Document details in 1Password mini
  • It's now even easier to enable Watchtower two-factor authentication checking
  • Issue that could prevent the "Add 1Password Account" window from dismissing
  • Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin
  • Improved the speed of search
  • Updated the Updater app icon
  • Improved the detection of reused passwords
  • 1Password mini can now suggest passwords for Feedly, Dynalist, Mailplane, Pocket, and Slite when they are the frontmost apps
  • When prompted to re-authenticate your 1Password account you can now scan your new Emergency Kit to populate the secret key and email address fields
  • The Edit menu now consistently calls out "Move Item to Trash" instead of "Delete"
  • 1Password will now ensure that only one copy of itself is running at any one time
  • Improved the handling of filling your information into web pages via the keyboard command
  • Touch ID message in clamshell mode has been improved
  • The Delete Vault command in the vault contextual menu is now separated from less dangerous commands
  • Added link CSV format instructions to the import window
  • Improved unlock speed when Touch ID is configured
  • 1Password now warns you when it detects another copy running on your system
  • You can now search for tags inside 1Password mini
  • 1Password mini will be shown when attempting to quick fill into a page with no recognizable fields
  • 1Password mini will always open to the last place you had it when opening with it ⌘+Option+
  • Added the ability to drag and drop notes fields in 1Password mini
  • Passwords could be copied from the password generator without being automatically saved
  • Issue that would cause the main window to open when attempting to open and fill from an external app
  • VoiceOver images in the Preferences > Accounts tab now read the account name for the account image
  • Changing the vault of an item in a detached window
  • Converting a Password item to a Login item in a detached window
  • Opening related items in a detached window
  • Resolved a case where the Safari extension would fail to establish its connection to 1Password
  • Bug that could cause 1Password to hang momentarily at start-up
  • The error messages shown when encountering a problem with the 1Password database are now more helpful
  • Dark mode is now properly supported in the "Reset All 1Password Data" window
  • Issue that would prevent onepassword://search from working if triggered while locked
  • Invalid cache files were not being removed
  • Changing the type of a new field could discard the field label
  • Loading a malformed item
  • Issue that prevented the "items with attachments" search from working while in all vaults
  • Issue that could prevent the contents of All Vaults from loading immediately after setup
  • 1Password would not quit when the last window was closed in some instances
  • Closed detached windows could reappear when activating 1Password mini
  • Issue that prevented items from receiving "last modified" updates when removing a Tag using the sidebar
  • The 1Password window now responds correctly to double-clicking in the title bar area
  • Issue that would cause a failure to generate a two-factor authentication code if the secret or URL had invalid characters in it
  • Corrected a problem where clicking on the 1Password mini icon in the menu bar would sometimes do nothing while Chrome or Firefox was active
  • When using ⌘+Shift+C to Copy a Password from 1Password mini it will now close the window after copying
  • Issue where 3rd Party App Integration could fail to open an item if a URL SHA wasn't included
  • Watchtower now assumes credit cards expire at the end of the expiry month
  • Words and phrases could not be selectively copied from notes fields
  • 1Password mini that prevented Markdown rendering in notes fields
  • The Private vault's name and description can no longer be changed
  • Fixed some cases where localized text wouldn't render correctly in Advanced Preferences
  • Issue that could cause the top of a markdown-formatted note field to be clipped
  • Items shown in detached windows now update if changed in the background
  • Issue where ⌘+ would not fill if the URL was not an exact match
  • Issue that prevented ⌘+O from pinning the currently visible item in 1Password mini
  • Issue that reloaded an item in 1Password mini when using keyboard shortcuts to scroll on macOS 10.12
  • Browser Preferences now display their correct values when you open the Preferences window
  • Graphical glitch when drawing the pop-out date picker in the item detail view
  • Corrected some logic that could cause updates to fail
  • Potential slowdown issue after unlock
  • Regression in the Browser preferences layout when the language is set to German
  • "Detect Duplicate Items" would not find duplicates
  • Issue that allowed length of vault names longer than the 25 characters limit
  • Issue with corporate firewalls terminating the 1Password.com notifier connection due to lack of communication
  • Issue that caused passwords to be generated twice each time a slider gem was clicked
  • VoiceOver now reports the item count when reading each category or tag
  • Rare issue that caused 1Password to prompt twice to save an edited item
  • Fixed the formatting of numeric passwords
  • Possible issue with slowdowns when viewing an items details
  • Issue where the menu showing items with duplicate passwords could be incorrect
  • Issue where a vault could be created with an empty Master Password
  • Fixed issue causing documents not to upload if still uploading during the version 6 to 7 upgrade
  • Resolved an issue that could cause certain settings to not be saved after doing a Reset all 1Password Data
  • Rare crash that could occur when selecting a vault image
  • Rare crash that could occur when editing the website fields on an item
  • Crash that could happen when downloading a document that was incorrectly uploaded without a name
  • Crash that could occur when failing to decrypt an item
  • Issue where a crash could occur during search
  • Crash that 1Password.com users might see when syncing
  • Crash that could occur if Google Chrome was in the middle of an update and a connection to 1Password was attempted
  • Issue that could cause a crash in certain new setup scenarios
  • Rare crash that occurred when rapidly scrolling past items with notes
  • Crash that could occur when adding your account using the Preferences window
  • Adding a 1Password account via the Accounts Found window no longer causes a crash on macOS 10.12
  • Crash that could occur if an attachment icon was invalid
  • Item could be duplicated without permission
  • Issue that allowed drag and drop when it shouldn’t
  • Issue where in some cases travel mode would leave items in memory until next lock
  • 1Password will no longer restore clipboard contents after the expiration of a copied two-factor authentication code if the previous clipboard contents contain secure strings (e.g. previously copied passwords)
Version 7.2.6:New:
  • Added support for ■■■■■■■■■■■ for those with 1Password accounts. (Apologies for the redaction, we'll clean this up when we launch this feature on 1Password.com)
  • Reduced memory usage and enhanced security for those using older versions of macOS by ensuring all items are freed when 1Password locks
Version 7.2.5:Improvements
  • Improved unlock speed when Touch ID is configured.
  • Improved unlock time in some cases on slower computers. {apple-issues#2929}
  • Improved the speed that 1Password will lock. {apple-issues#2857}
  • Added support for QuickBooks. Your QuickBooks logins will show up in 1Password mini when QuickBooks is the frontmost app. {apple-issues#3148}
  • Improved the display of type information for Documents. {apple-issues#2887}
  • VoiceOver users can now interact with the button to show the vault list view.
  • VoiceOver users can now interact with the more button when interacting with a vault in the vault list view.
  • The headers in the vault list view and category list view are now VoiceOver accessible.
  • The "Open URLs" setting is now available in the Browsers tab of the 1Password Preferences window. {apple-issues#2646}
  • Better wording for the "Open URLs" preference. {apple-issues#2915}
  • Updated our translations with the latest from our incredible translators on Crowdin.
  • Opening a URL in Safari while configured for Open in Current tab will now open a new tab if the available Safari tab is open to an empty page. {apple-issues#2884}
  • Updated the logo used for credit cards. {apple-issues#2948}
  • The Delete Vault command in the vault contextual menu is now separated from less dangerous commands. {apple-issues#3070}
  • Added a link to the CSV format instructions on the import window. {apple-issues#1964}
  • 1Password now warns you when it detects another copy running on your system.
  • 1Password will no longer falsely tell you that it is not enabled in Safari when fast user switching. {apple-issues#2901}
  • Fixed the formatting of numeric passwords. {apple-issues#3078, apple-issues#3079}
  • Fixed a possible issue with slowdowns when viewing item details. {apple-issues#3034}
  • Fixed an issue where the Chrome and Firefox extension wouldn't work after a 1Password update until they were relaunched. {apple-issues#2908}
  • Fixed an issue where the menu showing items with duplicate passwords could be incorrect. {apple-issues#2738}
  • Fixed an issue where a vault could be created with an empty Master Password. {apple-issues#3019}
  • Fixed an issue where documents that were being uploaded during the upgrade from version 6 to version 7 would not be uploaded once the upgrade was complete. {apple-issues#3006}
  • Resolved an issue that could cause certain settings to not be saved after doing a Reset all 1Password Data.
  • Holding down the return key on the lock screen no longer causes the window to shake its way completely off screen. {apple-issues#2446}
  • Importing from 1Password 6 now defaults the file chooser to the correct location. {apple-issues#1715}
  • Fixed a bug that could make it difficult to add 1Password accounts from certain domains to the app. {apple-issues#2971}
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the full 1Password account sign-in address from being displayed. {apple-issue#976}
  • Fixed a layout issue in the sidebar. {apple-issues#2772}
  • Item icons in the detail view now update immediately if changed on another device, instead of requiring re-selection. {apple-issues#2894}
  • Fixed an issue where editing an item in a detached window also made changes to the item displayed in the main/mini windows. {apple-issues#2768}
  • Fixed several right-to-left language rendering issues. {apple-issues#2585, apple-issues#2540}
  • One-time password codes and numbers like phone, CV code, credit card numbers, should maintain left-to-right layout in right-to-left languages. {apple-issues#2636}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented printing an invoice from the billing window. {apple-issues#1837}
  • Fixed an issue that caused changing field types to sometimes fail while editing an item. {apple-issues#2769}
  • Fixed an issue that caused the warning shown when deleting a vault to be hard to read in dark mode. {apple-issues#2639}
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Saved Form Details key icon to be cut off. {apple-issues#2833}
  • Fixed a crash exporting to CSV or TXT files. {apple-issues#2634}
  • Fixed instances where the 1Password window would unnecessarily deminiaturize from the dock when activating 1Password. {apple-issues#2588}
  • Removed the redundant "Remove Redundant" contextual menu that could appear. {apple-issues#1218}
  • Fixed a behavior that would cause users to not to be prompted to save a login if there was a copy of that particular set of credentials in the trash. {apple-issues#2651}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented renaming tags. {apple-issues#2708}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented titles from being copied. {apple-issues#2744}
  • Fixed an issue where the Firefox and Chrome extensions would not come back up after restart or an upgrade. {apple-issues#2832}
  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect icon for dark mode or light mode was used in the Code Scanner window.
Version 7.2.4:New
  • 1Password will now find your 1Password.com emergency kit in your Downloads folder, making it even easier to get started for the first time.
  • You can now use [Continuity Camera] (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209037) to scan 1Password Setup Codes and two-factor QR codes on macOS Mojave. {apple-issues#2262}
  • Improved the speed and capabilities of keyboard navigation through lists in 1Password mini. {apple-issues#1508}
  • Reduced the CPU usage when performing Watchtower database updates.
  • Navigating the item list in 1Password using VoiceOver is now better than ever.
  • The item detail section of 1Password provides better accessibility for VoiceOver users.
  • You will now be asked to save unsaved changes before creating a new item. {apple-issues#2548}
  • Many improvements have been made when using 1Password in right-to-left languages.
  • Detached windows are now sent behind the main window while locked. {apple-issues#2515}
  • Improved the experience of entering a password when importing AgileKeychain files by adding the ability to cancel the operation. {apple-issues#1573}
  • Improved load times for those with a large number of vaults and items.
  • Added an informative alert when dismissing a two-factor prompt without completing account login. {apple-issues#2495}
  • You can now add custom fields to the first section of items. {apple-issues#2601}
  • Updated our website filling capabilities which should greatly improve filling on many sites.
  • The 1Password Updater will no longer run while a macOS user account is not active (either at the Login Window or signed into a different account via Fast User Switching). {apple-issues#2754}
  • The 1Password Updater now validates the code signature of 1Password after installing it into the Applications folder. This is in addition to code signature checks it has done on the downloaded updates all along.
  • Fixed an issue where the last line of rich text would have its border cut off. {apple-issues#2490}
  • Fixed a rare crash when the screensaver locks.
  • Can now control-click vaults in the sidebar. {apple-issues#486}
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if the font used for Markdown was removed. {apple-issues#2524}
  • Fixed an issue where 1Password would not unhide when Command-Tabbing it to the front. {apple-issues#2348}
  • Fixed the error message shown when a document could not be copied to another server. {apple-issues#1306}
  • Fixed a crash when trying to save app preferences while 1Password was locked. {apple-issues#2322}
  • The loss of a network connection no longer causes future MFA authentication failures.
  • Fixed a crash when encountering an invalid item type. {apple-issues#2488}
  • Added a missing period in the autocomplete suggestion of the 1Password.com account sign-in address field. {apple-issues#2404R}
  • Fixed an issue where items could sometimes not be duplicated. {apple-issues#2591}
  • The vault import window now supports Dark Mode. {apple-issues#2547}
  • Fixed a crash when locking during Watchtower updates. {apple-issues#2270}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to open and fill. {apple-issues#2595}
  • Fixed an issue where the menu bar icon could reappear if activated from browser.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during vulnerable password checking. {apple-issues#2609}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when loading items. {apple-issues#2657}
  • Fixed an issue where an item would disappear until next unlock after removing its attachment. {apple-issues#1934}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password accounts to fail to automatically sync changes made on other devices. {apple-issues#2647}
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting a vault. {apple-issues#2627}
  • Fixed an issue where opening a Document item in a separate window could cause Quick Look to break. {apple-issues#2582}
  • Fixed an issue where multiple import windows could be opened. {apple-issues#2660}
  • Fixed an issue that caused extra characters to be inserted into a tag when editing. {apple-issues#2589}
  • Fixed a bug that could leave a non-functioning Add Account popup when signing into multiple accounts in your web browser. {apple-issues#2620}
  • Fixed the display of dates (Dec 31, 1969 and Jan 1, 1970) imported from older legacy versions of 1Password. {apple-issues#2517}
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking on a tag in the sidebar did not show the Delete command. {apple-issues#2047}
  • Fixed an issue where the Display In Browser setting was being ignored. {apple-issues#1323}
  • Fixed a rare issue where locking would freeze during bulk document download. {apple-issues#2751}
  • 1Password now requires Certificate Transparency from 1Password.com/1Password.eu/1Password.ca. {apple-issues#715}
Version 7.2.2:New
  • 1Password now requires you type your Master Password any time you add or remove fingerprints. {apple-issues#690}
  • 1Password will now prompt you to enable the Safari App Extension if it is not enabled when Safari becomes active.
  • The item detail section provides better accessibility for VoiceOver users.
  • Detection of reused passwords in Watchtower has been improved. {apple-issues#2031}
  • Added an option to disable Markdown in Secure Notes. You can find this setting in Preferences > General. {apple-issues#460}
  • Improved 1Password mini's ability to display properly when multiple screens are present. {apple-issues#2101, apple-issues#1515}
  • Favorites can now be sorted by the usual methods (Date Created, Date Modified, etc). {apple-issues#1499}
  • Improved unlock speed for users who have a large number of vaults.
  • The image icon in a vulnerability alert is now skipped by VoiceOver since the text explains the details.
  • Several small improvements for Dark Mode. {apple-issues#2335, apple-issues#2337, apple-issues#2325}
  • Touch ID now remains available when you enable or disable standalone vaults. {apple-issues#690}
  • Search Options can now search based on the presence of a 2FA code. {apple-issues#1816}
  • Hitting the Return key in an empty Master Password field will now prompt for Touch ID if it is available. {apple-issues#1864}
  • Command-Shift-C will now always copy an item’s password. This restores behavior that existed prior to the 1Password 7 update. {apple-issues#1429}
  • Improved the wording on the alert that appears when converting an Agile Keychain to OPVault.
  • OmniFocus 3 has been added to the list of applications for which 1Password mini will show suggested items. (Shout out to our friends in Seattle, congrats on the release!)
  • Repaired non-functional Terms of Service and Privacy Policy links during account signup. {apple-issues#2413}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented emojis from being found when searching the trash. {apple-issues#2328}
  • Corrected the VoiceOver text available in empty categories, making access faster and more fluid than before.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password to slow down over time. {apple-issues#2365}
  • Fixed a layout issue that resulted in the Browser preferences being laid out incorrectly. {apple-issues#2016}
  • Fixed an issue where search terms would be ignored when searching using the onepassword://extension/search/ URL. {apple-issues#2417}
  • Fixed an issue that caused 1Password to come to the foreground when copying items from an anchored window. {apple-issues#2348}
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Copy button from working in Preferences > Accounts. {apple-issues#2336}
  • Fixed a crash when 1Password locks while idle.
  • Fixed a rare crash when filling items into web pages.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Autosave window when locked. {apple-issues#2349}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause 1Password mini to stick around when it should have been dismissed
  • Fixed an issue that would result in the Touch ID settings being hidden if you were in a state that required you to supply your Master Password to reauthorize Touch ID.
  • Fixed issue where if the app was hidden, opening 1Password mini would also open the main window. {apple-issues#1157}
  • Fixed a rare issue that would cause vault edits to fail. {apple-issues#2272}
  • Fixed an issue where items with removed custom templates would not be displayed. {apple-issues#1377}
  • You can (finally) search through your notes using the Command-F keyboard shortcut again.
  • Fixed a crash when locking during Watchtower updates. {apple-issues#2270}
  • Repaired a UI glitch on the "Done" button of the account chooser window. {apple-issues#2309}
  • Fixed an issue where Safari 11 users would receive a deluge of alerts telling them to upgrade to Safari 12.
  • The lock keyboard shortcut now updates when the preference changes. {apple-issues#2249}
  • Fixed a bug where search options for password strength gave numbers instead of words.
  • Fixed an issue where a two-factor authentication prompt might not be shown when 1Password is locked. {apple-issues#2271}
  • Fixed a crash when item titles begin with multi-character sequences such as emoji. {apple-issues#2230}
  • Fixed a crash when icon information is missing. {apple-issues#2225}
  • Resolved an issue that allowed minimized item detail windows to appear unlocked when the application was locked. {apple-issues#2475}
  • Downloaded document files are no longer decrypted until viewed in the 1Password user interface. {apple-issues#2419}
  • 1Password no longer shows the vault selector in the Touch Bar while locked. {apple-issues#2285}

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